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Submission is open!

Cinema Queer International takes place between the 5-11th of October and now we are opening up our submission. So if you have made a film that you would like us…

cinemaqueer 2020-03-19

Retrospective: Barbara Hammer

BARBARA HAMMER RETROSPECTIVE IN TWO PARTS One of the most significant players within queer film, experimental film – well, film – left the stage this…

cinemaqueer 2019-09-20

Eva-Lisas Monument

A CITY WALK WITH SAM HULTIN Saturday Sept 28 at 3:30 pm   Welcome to a city walk that follows in the footsteps of the Swedish trans pioneer Eva-Lisa Bengtsson…

cinemaqueer 2019-09-02

The History of Cruising

THE HISTORY OF CRUISING In collaboration with ArkDes exhibition “Cruising Pavilion: Architecture, gay sex and cruising culture” we present an evening…

cinemaqueer 2019-09-02

Stairway to Heaven!

“We are angry, not kind, we are gay. Now the stamp has to go away, otherwise the process will be short!” THE OCCUPATION OF THE NATIONAL BOARD OF HEALTH…

cinemaqueer 2019-09-02

Men only!

CINEMA QUEER IN COLLABORATION WITH SLM & GAYCAMP   Welcome to Stockholm’s darkest basement where Cinema Queer and SLM invite you to a night filled with leather,…

cinemaqueer 2019-09-02