Yasmine El Baramawy

Friday 8 oct kl 19.00, The Cave

Yasmine Baramawy is an Egyptian musician, Sound Artist, Oud performer, and Composer based in Malmö. She develops an original sound universe around her practice of the Oud (modified and augmented by a low string) but also around concrete music and other electronic experiments. She plays one of the world’s oldest instruments yet she manages to work with a curious blend of different approaches and genres like Oriental, Rock, and Classical Music. She builds sound installations mingling with poetry and spoken word added to her Oud live manipulations, her approach is characterized by permanent sound research exploring both the acoustic tradition of the Oud as well as adventurous and transversal sound practices.

Yasmine will be premiering her piece ”Bastet”, where she will experiment mixing garish animal sounds with her choice of modes made by the revolutionary web-based application ”Liemma”, which allows her to program her own mode intervals routing through Apotome; a generative music system where she creates her own algorithm. She performs blends of different pitches by triggering and changing different parameters and by letting probability play a big hand in her decisions liberates digital music-making repressed by the hegemony of 12-tone equal temperament of Western music theory. Alongside some percussive and low waves made by Erica Synth during her Inkonst studio music residency.
A lot of purring courtesy of her cat from back home is included.