The Camp Dad and Bleach Show

Thursday 7 oct kl 19.00, New Bowl Center

Camp Dad and BLEACH, Berlin’s hottest heterosexual bring their show to CinemaQueer after standing ovations in Blightey with a show like none other you’ve ever seen. Join this Drag King and Drag Queen as they fall in love, grow old together, tear it a new one, and start the revolution. With gender performance, live singing, sketch comedy, these two teasers work more with winks and nudges than wigs and lashes. Come and question the constructs with Camp Dad and Bleach!

”BLEACH international socialist revolutionary sweetie darling from Essex, England. Classically trained in a burlesque bar in Stockholm, master of ceremonies and mistress of the punk strip.”

”Camp Dad is Berlin’s number one trans-feminine Drag King from Lancashire. They paint from the palette of gender performativity and flirt with the fringes of what it is to be a man.”