Baba Karam –

through Jamileh och Khordadian

Sunday 10 oct kl 21.00, M/S Borgila
The latest work from the Art Group Ful is a participatory dance performance based on the popular Iranian dance form baba karam.

Three performers and a DJ invite you to dance and listen to memories of dance, in a room inspired by queer clubs and separatist parties where everyone gets to dance for and with one another. The dancers and DJ will not be performing IRL, but will interact and ask you to dance in the space that all of us, despite the distance, will be sharing. The physical absence of performers is not merely a way of making the performance safe and tour possible during the pandemic. It also offers an artistic opportunity to create and explore the specific conditions confronting us during a pandemic.

The work is also a tribute to the two influential and well-known American-Iranian choreographers Jamileh and Mohammad Khordadian, who have encouraged millions of people all over the world to dance. Their important work has expanded the boundaries for what dance can do and mean to people. For many, they have also been influential in framing a dance created in the diaspora.

Baba Karam – through Jamileh and Khordadian is a piece that poses questions about intimacy, mobility, and our need to create shared spaces that bridge physical distances. This is a consequence of the pandemic but also a reality for people living in the diaspora, as refugees, and in an era of climate change.

Concept and idea: Ful (Nasim Aghili, Malin Holgersson, Rani Nair)
Performers: Parwin Hoseinia, Rani Nair, Jafar the Superstar and Rasuul (George Chamoun)
Dance memories: Sepideh Khodarahmi, Ardeshir Bibakabadi, Romina Houshmand, Khaled Alesmael, ZIKO Hama
Direction and script: Nasim Aghili
Choreography: Rani Nair together with the ensemble
Interviews and editing of dance memories: Malin Holgersson
Jafar the Superstar’s monologue: Edwin Safari
Set design: Björn Karlsson
Costume: Björn Karlsson and Nasim Aghili together with the ensemble
Assistant director: Alejandra Goic
Makeup designer: Susanne Åberg
Video: Nemo Stocklassa Hinders
Sound video: Agnieszka Lewalski
Light video: Jonathan Winbo
2nd assistant camera: Lukas Wigardt
Graphic design: Hanne Lindberg and Sepidar Hosseini
Producer: Johanna Gustafsson

Baba Karam– through Jamileh and Khordadian is produced by Ful in collaboration with the Gothenburg Dance and Theatre Festival/Stora Teatern, MDT – Stockholm, and Rani Nair Production, with the support of the EU network Be SpectACTive, the Swedish Arts Council, the Swedish Arts Grants Committee, the City of Stockholm, Region Skåne, the City of Lund and Maxi grant from Stenkrossen.

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