Madiano Marchetti / Brazil / 2021 / 85 min

Tuesday 5 Oct  21.30, M/S Borgila

Marchetti’s feature debut is a slowly paced masterpiece, where the most everyday scenes have eerie undertones. The film showcases the Brazilian countryside, where the rainforest is being cleared to make way for soybean fields. It follows three protagonists : who do not know each other, but all are connected through Madalena. Luziane, a club hostess, knocks on her door to ask for money. The son of a rich landowner: Cristiano who inspects his father’s giant soybean field. Bianca and her girlfriends who divide Madalena’s things between them while reminiscing. The film is a window into a world where everything is out of control but above all a portrait of Brazil – the country with the most murders of trans people in the world.