Made on the Rooftop

Kim-Jho Gwangsoo / South Korea / 2021 / 87 min 

Friday 8 Oct 19.30, M/S Borgila

You can hear the lovesick heartbreak all over Seoul when petulant, over-emotional Ha-neul has to break up with his uptight and closeted boyfriend Jeong-min—and leave their beloved cat Ari behind. As in any classic boy-loses-boy (and cat) rom-com, who comes to the rescue but if not the BFF? Ha-neul gets sympathy, fashion advice and a place to crash on a rooftop from his bestie, “BongBong,” a rising online celebrity who has his own commitment issues, as he dodges the earnest wooings of a dogged fanboy.

Even when both friends have to confront some more serious life choices and dramatic events, Made on the Rooftop, manages to toggle breezily between farce and sentimental charm, opening a candy-colored window onto a rooftop world of twentysomething friends who just want to find love.