Pakistan: The Right to Love

Saturday 9 Oct  13.00, Cyklopen box

Pakistan: The Right to Love
Together with Char Chaukay Bees Film Festival, Cinema Queer presents a selection of short from the emerging queer film scene in Pakistan.

Butt Karhai
Sarmad Sultan Khoosat / Pakistan / 2021 / 8 min
A son and dad communicate without ifs and but(t)s while preparing their Sunday brunch.

Fazal Ahmad Duration / Pakistan / 2021 / 7 min
A guy wakes up to the sounds of celebration on the streets. Switching on the TV News, he realizes that the entire country has embraced the inclusive philosophy.

Dear Dad
Ibrahim Azmat Rana / Pakistan / 2021 / 10 min
A young man visits his dying father for the confrontation of his life.

Further Than Usual
Fariha Afzal Khan / Pakistan / 2021 / 6 min
On her usual running route, a stranger runs into Farah. Over and over again!

Fawzia Mirza Duration / Pakistan / 2021 / 5 min
Letting go isn’t easy, but as Urvah learns, it’s easier with the right tools: a good sidekick, a working lighter, and the perfect Star Trek episode.

Fatimah Sattar Duration / Pakistan / 2021 / 7 min
In between the mandalas and paisleys on the lines and pores of the bride-to-be’s palms, a Mehndi applicator finds a space for herself.