Pick and mix (Lösgodis)

Friday Oct 7 at 18.00, Guldfabriken and Friday Oct 7 17.00 – 00.00 in Kartrummet, Färjeterminalen

Cinema Queer has selected their absolute favorite films in a short film package filled to the brim with just about everything. We swallow semen, sing robot opera, go to Lagos and protest in a 70s Paris. Simply everything and then some!

Egúngún (Masquerade)

Olive Nwosu / Nigeria, UK / 2021 / 15 min

A woman returns to her hometown of Lagos in search of healing. What she discovers instead is a path that takes her into her past and toward a new understanding of the people and experiences that shaped her.


Tom Bakker / Netherlands / 2021 / 11 min

During the national commemoration of Remembrance Day in 1970, two men try to make a statement against gay discrimination. In the moments before and after the incident, their doubt, fear and firm belief becomes clear.

The name of the son

Martina Matzkin / Argentina / 2019 / 12 min

Lucho, a 13-year-old trans boy, doesn’t usually share much time with his father. When he goes on holiday with him and his younger sister, the new closeness puts their relationship to the test.

Marlen, a portrait of hairy tits

Javier de Miguel / Chile / 2022 / 12 min

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Marlén builds stories of family and love, understanding their hairy tits as the center in the construction of their gender, pleasure and sexuality.

Nina and the Robots

Cindy Coutant / France / 2020 / 18 min

The breath of the machine fills the air, where the singing can flow. Nina stands in front of the wiggling robot. The soft bodies measure up themselves, sometimes harmonize. The breaths dilate the organs, which swell and fold; transmute the synthetic movement into vital impetus and the vulva into mouth, which inflates until it spreads.


Romy Alizée / France / 2021 / 3 min

A melodic and meditative exploration of the joys of the fist.

Swallow sperm

Totally Fucking Gay / USA / 2020 / 3 min

Join Totally Fucking Gay, Trump, Pence and Mitch in a singalong Music Video for SWALLOW SPERM. Hard rock, pansexual lust and insult comedy cum together in a rifftastic celebration of queer sonic rebellion.