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Project submissions Cinema Queer 2023

Project submissions Cinema Queer 2023 Cinema Queer Int Film Festival takes place between the 2-8th...

cinemaqueer 2022-11-21

Cinema Queer 2022

Date for 2022! Cinema Queer 2022 is getting closer and closer and we are in...

cinemaqueer 2022-08-01


Queer experiences from the pandemic. The pandemic hit hard world-wide and especially towards already...

cinemaqueer 2022-08-01

Submission is open for Cinema Queer 2022!

Cinema Queer International takes place between the 3-9th of October and now we are...

cinemaqueer 2020-03-19

Retrospective: Barbara Hammer

BARBARA HAMMER RETROSPECTIVE IN TWO PARTS One of the most significant players within queer...

cinemaqueer 2019-09-20

Eva-Lisas Monument

A CITY WALK WITH SAM HULTIN Saturday Sept 28 at 3:30 pm   Welcome...

cinemaqueer 2019-09-02

The History of Cruising

THE HISTORY OF CRUISING In collaboration with ArkDes exhibition "Cruising Pavilion: Architecture, gay sex...

cinemaqueer 2019-09-02

Stairway to Heaven!

"We are angry, not kind, we are gay. Now the stamp has to go...

cinemaqueer 2019-09-02

Men only!

CINEMA QUEER IN COLLABORATION WITH SLM & GAYCAMP   Welcome to Stockholm’s darkest basement...

cinemaqueer 2019-09-02