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Retrospective: Marlon T. Riggs

“My strugle has alowed me to transcend that sense of shame and stigma identified with my being a black gay man. Having come through that fire, they can’t touch…

cinemaqueer 2019-09-19

Ship ahoy! + Closing party!

CITY OF LOST SOULS ON THE M/S VICTORIA   Tonight your captain BLEACH will take you on a ride on Stockholm’s darkest waters. The bar is open and the film starts…

cinemaqueer 2019-09-02

Hot & Kinky

SHORT FILMS AND PLAY PARTY Cinema Queer is taking over an industrial venue for a hot and kinky evening with screenings, play party and celebrations! We will present…

cinemaqueer 2019-09-02

Opening Night!

  SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW You are not in Kansas anymore, darling! And who the fuck wants to be? In 1969 we buried one our time’s biggest icons: Judy Garland.…

cinemaqueer 2019-09-02