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Cinema Queer on Tour

Now Cinema Queer is packing its bags with queer culture and going on tour in Sweden!

Shall we meet in an oil tank in Kramfors, in a sauna in Härryda or perhaps at your local library? Or why not at the senior housing or youth farm? Everything goes!

Over a hundred events are planned where, together with queers and zealots, we want to experience and develop queer film and culture all over the country.

“There is a lack of queer spaces outside the big cities. Places to build community and have the opportunity to engage with other queers”.

A new industrialization is now taking place all over Sweden. Many towns are depopulated and new factories and mines are built like never before. When the business world keeps up, culture often ends up in the backwater and meeting places for culture are de-prioritized. Particularly affected in these cases is often the culture of minority groups. Cinema Queer On Tour wants to act as a counterweight and a community-forming tour de force over two years. We want queer culture to be an obvious feature!


Do you want to organise a film screening, an exhibition, a stand-up evening where you live with us?

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