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The (ART) oF BE(i)NG

PRE-FILM: DOCKING by Trevor Anderson

Loosely following the story of The Little Mermaid’s journey ‘upwards’ in exchange for the loss of her voice, the film features Walt Disney’s original animator from the actual film Dave Woodman as well as Jake Shears (Scissor Sisters) Maraqueen Reznor (NIN) The Lady Tigra (of ‘the cars that go boom’ fame) Mayham Miller (Rupauls Dragrace) and others. Where words fail to describe, the ‘feelings’ and ‘sensations’ of the film slowly sink into it’s viewer in the hopes as the experience flows in front of them, a sort of activation can materialize within. And possibly enable multiple humans to grow upwards in a way that can better the zeitgeist as a whole. This is nothing as you have seen before and you will never want to see anything else but this again!

Screening: 20:00, 27 september.

Teater Tre

  • Director:

    JB Ghuman Jr.

  • Length:

    46 min

  • Country:


  • Production Year:


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