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One of the most significant players within queer film, experimental film – well, film – left the stage this year. Barbara Hammer passed away earlier this year.

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Her films include everything from intense agitation to dripping irony and in them Hammer explores moving images and the politics of representation. From Hammer’s extensive work we will screen a selection of films that make up an overview of how she obliterated borders, broke norms, and responded to the film art world’s stereotypical representation of minorities, with images that reverberate with power, joy, sorrow, anger, and reflection. The program is curated by Anna Linder from SAQMI – The Swedish Archive for Queer Moving Images, and is screened in collaboration with Cinemateket.

⭕️ The films are divided into two programs: “The Politics of Abstraction” and “Sister Lessons no.1”. The first programme takes place at Cinemateket Friday Sept 27 18:00, and the second at Teater Tre Saturday Sept 28 14:00.

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? Film programme 1: The Politics of Abstraction
The title of this program “The Politics of Abstraction”, is borrowed from Barbara Hammer’s biography “HAMMER! Making Movies out of sex and life”, and gives us access to Hammer’s experimental lesbian film world.

➖ I Was/I Am (USA, 1973, 6 min)
➖ Sync Touch (USA, 1981, 10 min)
➖ Optic Nerve (USA, 1985, 17 min)
➖ No No Nooky T.V. (USA, 1987, 12 min)
➖ Dyketactics (USA, 1974, 4 min)
➖ Pond and Waterfall (USA, 1982, 15 min)

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? Film programme 2: Sister Lessons no.1
This program is inspired by Barbara Hammer’s film History Lessons from the year 2000. As a feminist marker, storyteller and with her enormous curiosity, Barbara Hammer often embarks on an archival journey. In this program, Hammer lets us meet artist Claude Cahun and the diving women from Jeju-do. Recurring in Hammer’s huge production are the personal portraits and the search for like-minded people.

➖ Diving Women of Jeju-do (USA, 2007, 24 min)
➖ Lover/Other (USA, 2006, 55 min)

After the films at Teater Tre on day two, Anna Linder (curator) and Dagmar Brunow (film scholar) will talk about Hammer’s work.